Causes of Anxiety Attack in Dogs

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When dogs bark, we don't know if it's a warning, a complaint or an expression of discomfort, or maybe it's an anxiety attack

A dog might bark for several reasons. Often, the barking follows a previous situation or experience that he might have had. Research shows that a dog's brain reacts to stimuli.

Experiments show that there is mental imagery in the dog's brain that brings on particular dog behaviors. These behaviors could seem normal or abnormal to us, but they do have a meaning.

Dogs have the capability to recall images of the owner, previous aromas, voices, sounds and past experiences, and these make them behave in a particular fashion.

Suppose you get back home at the same time each day and spoil your puppy. The image of this good time that the puppy undergoes gets implanted in the dog's brain. The problem develops if you are late returning home from work.

The young dog remembers the images and anticipates the playfulness. He begins to get ready for play but as the anticipated time of arrival passes, he starts fretting, and barking.

We must be able to relieve this anxiety attack and stress so that the dog can manage these unforeseen situations.

Habits that Can Induce an Anxiety Attack in Dogs

Similarly, some images are linked with the act of leaving home. We may have a habit of doing particular jobs, like putting on our shoes, picking up the keys and putting on a coat.

These images get connected with leaving the house. This can distress your dog. Some dogs get too possessive and will accompany the owner from room to room or attempt to block the passage to the front door. If you actually leave, you might find that your home is wrecked when you return.

Things that your dog associates with you leaving may have gone missing and shoes may have been chewed. A condition like this is called separation anxiety and is more apparent in dogs that are overly spoiled by their owners.

Much research and many experiments have been done to establish whether dogs can think or not. The conclusions are that the dog's brain unquestionably retains experiences. However, the way in which they are stored and recalled, is unclear.

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