The Importance of Alternative Medicine for Tumors in Pets

Tess Thompson

While pursuing longevity for domestic pets, the medial fraternity did not probably bargain for the accompanying risks of cancer, which is mostly seen in older pets. Moreover, as long as we feed an unnatural diet to our pets and abuse the environment, pet owners are likely to continue facing problems with cancer in their pets.

Seeing pets die slowly of killer diseases like dog liver cancer and lymphoma in cats is indeed not something that any pet lover would want.

Many of us do not realize that it is natural for animals to resort to "self-treatment" in the wild. Most of them nibble at things that are actually not their natural diet.

It has been seen that this happens only when the animal is not completely healthy, and therefore is actually a means of herbal self-medication. This forms the basis on which herbal and natural medicine for pets is based.

For example, dogs are basically carnivores and cats are obligate meat eaters. However, a dog will instinctively start eating plants and herbs when it is not well. This is nature’s own way of combating disease. Exactly these types of observations led our ancestors to understand the curative properties of herbs.

While an animal will bite off small pieces of plants that it knows will make it feel better, domestic pets neither gain such instinct or knowledge. Nor do they get access to such self-treatment options, since they are confined in urban areas where such herbs and plants are not available.

It is thus left to pet owners to explore and understand how herbs and alternative medicine like homeopathic cancer treatment for dogs can be used to maintain their health and avoid the formation of tumors in pets.

What is important to know about cancer is that there may not be a cure for cancer, but there are instances where pets remain healthy for as long as they live. The secret of a healthy life and avoidance from tumors in pets is to find the right natural medicines that are able to keep the immune system in good health. The immune system is the body's self-healing system that combats foreign invasions of bacteria, fungi and carcinogens.

Pets and humans are different, and it is not necessarily that similar foods and habits are good for both. There is a vast difference in the way the bodies of our pets are structured.

The diet that we can easily digest may be too difficult for a cat or a dog to metabolize and use for its nutrients. While proper diet, which is what an animal would otherwise eat in the wild, can go a long way in promoting health, specific herbs provide effective treatment and managing symptoms of different types of tumors in pets.

Article courtesy of PetAlive 

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