Aloe (Aloe vera)

Aloe vera thrives in most tropical climates, however numerous cooks keep a potted aloe on a sunny kitchen counter, just in case they burn themselves. The jelly-like pulp inside the leaves of the aloe vera herb is comforting to skin irritations such as insect bites and minor burns.

Aloe Vera and Internal Detoxification 

Aloe vera is particularly effective in the detoxification of the dog’s digestive system. For the complete detoxification a dog requires a daily dosage for at least three months of 1 ml pure aloe vera juice per kilogram body weight mixed together with the food. Example: a 30 kg dog is administered 30 ml juice per day.

Aloe has antibacterial qualities and can be used on surgical incisions, where it will hasten healing. When used on dogs, they will generally avoid licking the area being treated, as the juice has a bitter taste.

The aloe is administered by snipping off a piece of a leaf and squeezing out the juice.     

Skin and Coat Conditioning

Aloe vera is ideal for daily skin and coat care.

Before brushing, spray the dog's coat with aloe vera, massage into the skin and let soak for a while. Then, dogs with long matted fur can be brushed more easily and it should look shiny and revitalised.

Aloe vera spray can be used as a natural defence against mosquitos, fleas and ticks.  Just spray your dog with Aloe vera before going outside. If your dog does not like being sprayed then just massage the mixture into the skin of the dog.


All dogs are prone to injury. Whether it is while playing or fighting.

Wounds should first be thoroughly cleaned with water and a mild aloe vera shampoo or soap to avoid infections.

Then apply the aloe vera gel and the wound will heal quickly.

Aloe Vera's remarkable healing qualities will aid the healing process and prevent further infection.

Natural Dog Remedies Containing Aloe

Natural Moves for Healthy Digestion and Treatment of Constipation in Dogs

Natural Moves for dogs maintains bowel and digestive health by supporting regular bowel movements naturally. It also gives support for a healthy thyroid and keeps skin and bones healthy and strong.

DetoxPlus to Prevent Toxin Buildup in Pets

DetoxPlus for dogs supports the body's natural processes of cleansing and elimination, aids healthy skin, coat, joints and digestive system and maintains healthy energy levels and general well-being.

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