Alcohol Poisoning in a Dog

Alcohol Poisoning in a dog is a serious condition. Some people seem to think it's hilarious to give alcohol to their dog then watch it stagger around, but if they knew how dangerous and sometimes fatal it could be, maybe they'd think twice.

Dogs can get more than just drunk when they drink alcoholic beverages, they can pass into a coma and die.

Some of the most common household sources of alcohol poisoning in dogs are alcoholic drinks, rubbing alcohol, aftershaves and perfumes.

Signs of alcohol poisoning in a dog can include vomiting, uncoordinated motion, urination problems, dehydration, disorientation, collapse, and coma. Try to induce vomiting by administering 1 tablespoon of an equal mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water.

Emergency treatment is necessary for affected pets, so take your dog to the vet immediately if you think he has ingested alcohol. To diagnose alcohol poisoning, a vet will take a blood ethanol concentration test.

If the respiratory rate of your dog is affected, ventilation or some type of respiratory support may be needed. Activated charcoal is usually given as soon as possible after ingestion, to soak up the remaining toxins in the dog's body.

Prevention is the best remedy, so keep all products containing alcohol locked away and don't be tempted to let your dog share your favorite tipple.

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