The Affenpinscher or Monkey Dog 

Affenpinscher Health Problems

 The Affenpinscher dog is in the toy group of dogs. It was employed in rural areas by farmers to eliminate rats and mice in the stables and barns.

The breed was imported into America in 1950 and soon became such a favourite that there are now more of them in the US than in the rest of the world put together.

They are from the pinscher-schnauzer family, and this makes them easier to integrate into a household with other dog and pets.

While only a small dog it is utterly fearless. Translated from German, the name means monkey terrier. This seems to connect well with the mischievious expression on their faces. 

It is called "moustached little devil" in France and the Affenpinscher is among the oldest of the toy breeds. Its name is translated from affen, which means monkey, and pinscher, meaning terrier.

This is a very popular breed and makes a very loyal companion. All the same, although playful and energetic, he can be very obstinate and ill-tempered from time to time. He is an intelligent, self-assured dog and quick to learn.

This breed is inquisitive, bold, busy, and stubborn, but is also very playful and fond of climbing and barking.

The Affenpinscher and People

As mentioned, they can be a little short tempered at times, they are quite territorial and guarding of their toys, so they are not recommended for homes with very small children but other than that they make a very loving family pet. 

They are entertaining, loving and alert to potential intruders and will live quite happily in a small house or apartment.

This is excellent  as this dog does not need a great deal of exercise,  but does like to go outside, wearing a dog jacket if it's very cold.

It has a shaggy, wiry haired coat and sheds little hair. It's rough coat requires combing two or three times a week and trimming around once every three months  by a professional.

This breed responds well to firm training and socialization, but they can be difficult to house-break and their training does need to be varied as they can soon become bored with the same routine.

Use lots of positive enforcement to encourage and reward good behaviour.

They were a particular favourite of the artist Renoir who included several in his paintings and with German film stars and fashionable ladies.

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