Dog Adrenal Glands Problems

In order for you to guarantee the most beneficial outcome, any adrenal glands problem in your dog needs to be noticed and diagnosed as early as possible.

A new dog can bring great happiness and pleasure to a family, but it can also be a source of heartache and discomfort when they are poorly. Dogs can soon become integrated into the family and seeing them suffer from any discomfort through disease or pain can cause considerable frustration and sadness.

Though some minor problems can often be solved easily, more serious conditions may need urgent attention. The only way to ensure early detection of these serious problems is to always look out for unusual behavior in your dog. 

Where are the Adrenal Glands?

They are located near the dog's kidneys and play a crucial part in the health and general wellbeing of your dog. Any sort of malfunction involving these glands can cause many other ailments that can be fatal if not dealt with in time.

Any malfunction can cause a disruption in the production of steroid hormones. This generally comes about due to injury or old age. But sometimes it can also be caused by negligence.

For instance, Cushing's disease in dogs is caused by an excess dosage of synthetic corticosteroids, like prednisone. This drug is often used in curing other diseases. It's usage tends to be often abused resulting in Cushing's disease. Many dog owners use this drug carelessly, without realizing the dangerous side effects that it can have.

Cushing's disease is also known as hyperadrenocorticism in dogs, since it signals high levels of corticosteroids in the dog's system.

Problems like these can cause many complications for the dog. Functions like regulating water and electrolyte balance in the body are hindered and compromised. This results in excessive thirst, increased appetite and obesity, high frequency of passing urine, muscle weakening and skin and hair problems, amongst others.

On the other hand under active glands can also cause health issues for dogs. Problems connected to the kidneys, reduced appetite, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain are some of the symptoms that come with this condition.

So as you see, the adrenal glands play a very important role in the overall health of a dog, consequently, owners should make every effort to notice any signs of adrenal glands failure in time to provide adequate diagnosis and treatment.

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Thyroid Support

Natural Remedy for Dog Adrenal Glands Problems

Cushex Drops-S. Product Review

Cushex Drops-S™ is an herbal remedy for adrenal and pituitary gland balance in dogs to reinforce healthy vitality, skin and coat, appetite, digestive health, and help maintain balance in the endocrine system.

It is a 100% safe and efficient, non-addictive, natural adrenal remedy to raise adrenal and pituitary gland balance and health in dogs. Cushex Drops can improve adrenal health, without the risk of dangerous side effects.

All dogs are exposed to some sort of daily stress, which in time has a negative effect on the dog's health. Good stress and over excitement, has the same effect on the body as bad stress, and this can lead to a buildup of cortisol.

Consequently, your dog may start to experience an increased appetite. This is the most noticeable effect of long-term exposure to cortisol, and your dog may often beg, get possessive of his food, or rummage in the garbage.

You may also observe increased  water consumption by your dog, which results in more frequent urination and often toilet accidents inside the house.

Hair loss and thinning, particularly around the elbow joints, flank and abdomen, may also result after extensive cortisol exposure.

To guarantee the safety of Cushex Drops-S and offer the highest quality and most effective product, only Premium Whole Herb manufacturing is used.

This formula excludes the use of any chemical solvents during extraction and preserves the balance of the whole herb to give you the very best possible safety, quality and efficacy. This is contrary to  other products that can use standardized extracts, exposing the components to harsh chemical solvents and withdrawing the supporting metabolites from the plant.

Cushex Drops-S comprises of a unique and scientifically chosen selection of herbs recognized for their beneficial effects on encouraging balance in the endocrine system,and sustaining many functions of the body.

It can be applied to help the body naturally mitigate the effects of long-term exposure to high levels of cortisol, supporting healthy energy, skin and coat, digestive health, and more. 

One of the components, Dandelion, is well known not only for supporting normal adrenal functioning, but also for the vitamins and minerals it incorporates that are important for hair health and growth, and as a powerful antioxidant.

Cushex Drops-S formulation also includes Astragalus, an herb which has been used for hundreds of years as a revitalizing herb. Astragalus is acknowledged as an adaptogen and helps to support balance in the adrenal glands. It helps to maintain healthy adrenal cortical function and is important for supporting blood pressure and blood sugar levels already within the normal range.

Together with Burdock, a cleansing and eliminating herb, excellent at supporting waste removal from the body, along with Licorice, used to help with cortisol levels, Cushex Drops works to provide a therapeutic blend of herbs for ultimate efficacy.

Cushex Drops-S is simple to administer, and the portion can be adapted to suit dogs of all sizes.

The technique remains true to the full spectrum method of herbal extraction, ensuring the bioavailability and balance of all the active ingredients contained in the remedy and ensures that all active ingredients are in perfect balance.

All PetAlive products are manufactured in a FDA-registered and cGMP-compliant pharmaceutical facility under the supervision of an expert team of herbalists, naturopaths, homeopaths and responsible pharmacists.

Natural Remedies

Herbal and homeopathic remedies can play an important role in supporting the health and balance of your dog's adrenal glands, and a holistic approach is the best way to contribute to your dog's general health.

Due to the critical importance of adrenal balance, it is no wonder that natural remedies have the answers! After all, organ and systemic support are the foundations of a holistic approach! By supporting adrenal health, the natural approach aims to facilitate well-being across a number of body systems, and so encouraging wellness and vitality in your dog.

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