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We all want our dog or dogs to be happy and healthy. Visits to the vet can be expensive but often prescribed medication comes with unwanted side effects. It often means that your dog could also be on his or her medications for a long time. While some canines gobble up everything, sometimes it is a real pain to administer their medication.

Finding out about natural remedies is a smart thing to do. Fortunately for us, the internet gives us lots of tips and tricks. However, it is also good to do some serious research. Natural dog remedies can come in all shapes and sizes and can help from anything fairly minor like fleas to something like an upset stomach, diarrhea and even cancer.

There are several remedies to choose from - herbal, homeopathic and essential oils, for example. It is also important to realize that some dogs will respond well on one treatment whereas another dog with the same symptoms might not be helped at all.

If we stick with the flea example, there are some great natural dog shampoos that will help your dog remain flea free. The essential oils of peppermint and lemon also do a great job if your dog already has them.

Simply put the oil or oils in a spray bottle with water, ready to spray on the affected areas. You can also mix the essential oils with a good massage oil and put that into the spray bottle.

Homeopathy can also help your furry friend. Apis mellifica, for example, is great if your dog gets stung by a bee or for general insect bits. Arnica is a great remedy for muscle pain and stiffness. Also, arsenicum album comes in handy if your dog has eaten food he shouldn't have and he is vomiting or having diarrhea.

Many dogs are really freaked out about thunderstorms and lightening as well as the yearly fireworks display. Here the homeopathic remedy of borax comes in handy - remember it's the remedy borax and not the powder.

If your dog has floppy ears, ear infections might be a problem. These often have various causes - it could be an allergy, a yeast or bacterial infection, even simple stress can be the cause and it might happen if your dog's immune system isn't at it's best or your dog has too much wax build up in his ears.

Apple cider vinegar can help with this problem. You can use it undiluted but if your dog's ear is sore or cut in any way, you should dilute it with water. Make sure you use the best apple cider vinegar you can buy, it's not expensive. The best is raw and organic.

The herb calendula can also help with ear problems. Combine a teaspoon of calendula tincture with one cup of warm water and a half teaspoon of salt and put into a dropper. Drop gently into your dog's ear (around 10 drops will do) and massage gently.

The above are examples of natural dog remedies that are easily available and do not cost a lot of money.

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